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As long as Simon Bull can remember. Art has been a part of his life, from trying to capture nature with a pen and brush to taking photographs of local wildlife.  During his teenage years, his family moved to Hong Kong where he was greatly influenced by Chinese brushwork with its minimalism and vibrant energy. It was here that Simon entered the art world, holding his own one-man show.


In recent years Simon has received many accolades, having been short-listed for a number of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious awards.  Though these achievements are impressive, it is Simon’s vision of art that is most compelling: “If I can touch a life through my painting, I can show something previously unseen. If I can reveal some-thing old in a new way, if I can enrich a soul on its  journey into the eternal, then my painting, my living, has not been in vain.”

Simon came to faith at a Billy Graham Crusade when he was 11.  ”I didn’t really go forward, but it was strange . . .I didn’t understand what the concept was and it was a shock when  I saw all these people going forward.” Simon grew up in a Christian Family; his father an Ordained Minister in the Church of England and a Chaplain for the Army in the minister of forces. It seemed to young Simon that it might have been an insult to his family to go forward to “become a Christian.”


As God would have it, Simon attended the Greenbelt Musical

Festival when he heard American Evangelist, Jean Darnell;

that he Gave His Life to Jesus.  Simon has been on God’s

path all these years and now spreads his faith through art

and preaching at Carmel Presbyterian Church on Saturday

Mornings. Simon Bull has lived a life for God and will Share

how Prayer has made his life even closer to God.

Simon's Story

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